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LOVE art box by Lots Of Lovely Art

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Image of LOVE art box by Lots Of Lovely Art
  • Image of LOVE art box by Lots Of Lovely Art
  • Image of LOVE art box by Lots Of Lovely Art
  • Image of LOVE art box by Lots Of Lovely Art
  • Image of LOVE art box by Lots Of Lovely Art

The LOVE box by Lots of Lovely Art contains 3 artist-inspired projects, process-art ideas and a selection of quality materials to enable children to be independently creative at home.

Included are three leaflets on the life and work of Gustav Klimt, Robert Indiana and Jim Dine as well as clear and simple instructions for art projects.

Each box also contains a leaflet describing the month’s overall theme (for example, Love, Print or Textiles) and process art ideas. “LoLA recommends” lists suggested reading and visits to see the relevant artists’ work in museums, galleries or exhibitions.

You will also find the art materials needed to complete the recommended projects!

Each box includes different quality materials to complete the projects and then have plenty leftover to use for other work!

Each box has its own art-based theme (for example, “Love”, “Print” or “Textiles”). Where possible these are linked to exhibitions in galleries and museums. They introduce children to fantastic artists with open-ended art projects.

Children learn about art history and art techniques through artists and the different ways they work. The boxes include clear, simple instructions to help start children off and to give them the confidence to be independently creative.

The projects encourage children to experiment and to explore the use of new art materials… and to have fun! As well as the three main art projects, each box contains a selection of theme-related, process-based art ideas to further stimulate their imagination.

Children embrace a process-oriented approach to the arts, where they create for the sake of creating… Even though each LoLA box explores real art techniques (such as still-life), it emphasises that there is no “wrong” way for these skills to be learnt.

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